”The fact is, as I see it, that the strongest man in the world, is he who stands most alone”

Henrik Ibsen

About Nordferd

Northern Voyage


It all started with music and a voyage to the Far North. Calmness, nostalgia, minimalism, loneliness.
I am fascinated by the Nordic countries, mystic landscapes, unique light, contrasts, fire and ice, sea and mountains, deep fjords, isolated islands, but also innovation and modern urban architecture.


As a highly sensitive person, I need to express my emotions, inspirations and inner feelings that are hiding deep inside me. My photography focuses heavily on my voyages to the North and the northernmost regions of the mind.


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OSLO. Lost in Moments
Self-publishing / Blurb, 2018.
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Lost In Moments

”I remember walking, one side of town to the other
Alone one night in January... or February
It’s like in an old movie from some other land
It lasted for hours”
- Ulver, Perdition City

One day in the forest cabin

"Jeg må ut i Guds frie natur,
må få lov til å ha pusterom."
- Theodor Kittelsen

MY PHOTO EXHIBITION "En dag på en markastue"
Skjennungstua, Oslo

Isolated Life

"Ikke bør den love å vandre i mørket
som ikke har sett natten"
- Ulver, Kveldssanger


Sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees.
The interplay between light and trees, shadow and ground.
Everyday beauty.

Until the lights takes us

"En åpning i skogen
hvor solen skinner
Hindret av trærne fanges vi
i denne guds åpning"
- Burzum, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

The Land of Fjords

"Langt ned i de dybe dale, der spejler sig i søen
Det er her at jeg vil leve, det er her at jeg vil dø"
- Myrkur, Ulvinde

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About me

Multidisciplinary graphic designer and hobby photographer

Born 1983 in Warsaw, Poland
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway

Student at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo.

marta (at)